AIP is an administrative central body of the Ministry of Trade and Industry which is responsible for legal protection of the innovation, trade mark, industrial design, and designation of origin, geographic indications and topographies of integrated circuits, and other issues arising from international agreements the signatory of which is the Republic of Kosovo.

Agency shall be responsible for:

  • developing procedures for issuing patents, supplementary protection certificates for inventions, registration of the trade mark, industrial designs, topographies of integrated circuits, designation of origin and of geographic indications;
  • compiling and maintaining the records prescribed by the basic Law;
  • proposes, designs and publishes the Official Bulletin of AIP, which shall contain information about the application and the rights granted to industrial property;
  • contributes in, develops and promotes the industrial property protection;
  • initiates and proposes the ratification of international agreements in regard to industrial property area;
  • provides information services in regard to industrial property facilities.
  • organizes testing for the authorized representatives of the industrial property right area;
  • prepares proposals for approval of the legal and sub-legal acts in regard to the industrial property area;
  • cooperates with other organizations to implement legal provisions regulating the industrial property;
  • represents the Republic of Kosovo in International Organization for the industrial property.